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It's that last 10% that will kill ya!

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Accordint to the seller, this car which is "90%" done. I can accept a little hyperbole, but c'mon...

Cecil Bozarth

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Looks like not only will the last 10% kill you but also put the buyer into the poor house!
Talk about a stretch!!! hehehe

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Can you say "smokin crack"? I think that his method for % complete was to throw a dart at a dart board and it landed on 90 so he thought that sounds about right. Doesn't look too bad though
It doesnt look that bad... But... photo's can lie.

-Dave Flak
if that is 90% complete i wonder what mine is....150%!!!!!
If that's 90% finished mine has to be at least 75% LOL ;-)

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Maybe he got it reversed - maybe he meant 90% to go! Or maybe by his standard it is 90% done! LOL!
The grass has grown another inch since the first time you posted that picture... (o:

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That car IS 90% complete ... if you're talking about building a car from the ground up starting with nothing (step 1: mine the ore out of the earth, step 2: smelt the ore with carbon to form sheet steel, etc.)

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Could be a really nice car... only 80% to go. Does this guy thinks 90% of the parts present means the car is 90% complete.

I don't know what you folks are complaining about...heck, even the top is there!! heeheehee Guy(NH)

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I think this guy's been hanging out (and smoking crack) with that Carlton character......:) Dickson

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