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It's time for a nice walk! (longish)

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Inside the center cap of a 1966 deluxe steering wheel is a gray, notched foam pad, which pushes the Mustang emblem against the outside of the wheel. On the other (interior) side, is a screwdown plate to keep that foam pad in the center cap.

You never see this foam pad. You'll never see it unless you disassemble your center cap.

My wheel needed a new pony emblem (cracks in the plastic). I disassembled the center cap, and found that the nearly 40 year old foam pad was complete, but breaking into pieces rapidly.

Got a new one from NPD.

It's white, not gray.

...I actually spent several minutes contemplating spray painting it.

I think things are getting a little TOO serious today.

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Man, you are starting to sound like me. I took the water pump of the 460 yesturday, just to repaint it. It got scratched up.....
Maybe we have to much time on our hands....I think I need another project.
Got a lead on a '70 Mach 1 project, yesturday. Now, where did I put that phone number....
I hear ya. If you don't paint it gray, it'll just bug you forever. Noone will ever know, but deep down, you'll always think about your center foam being white *LOL*.

Yes, we all get too anal over some of the silliest things.
LOL. Now that is funny. We can walk by a pile of trash and two inch high lawns and never even notice. No wonder our wives think we are crazy.
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