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I've got the orig owners manual for 6R07C219485

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Any one out there know who owns a '66 coupe, VIN #6R07C219485? I've got the original owners manual that happened to be in my '66 GT convert (also from Oklahoma). The coupe apparently has an interesting history as evidenced by the info in the "owners identification" area. It was purchased by Oklahoma City Auto Rentals (could this be a Hertz?) on 6-29-66 from Bus Horton, INC., 611 So. Robinson, Oklahoma City OK 73104. I'm curious just to see if it's still out there after all these years and like to reunite it will the current owner if they're interested.

1966 Mustang GT convertible
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I have the filled out owners manual for a 65 gt that I parted out a long time ago. The
original owner had the phone number and address part filled out. I called them up (out
of state) and they answered the phone. Imagine 25 years at the same phone number. It
was a fun conversation. They had hit a cow in the road with it the first month they had
it. They gave the car to the insurance company and bought another one.

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