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JBA Shortie Header Question

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I know several people on this forum have the JBA's on 65-66's. My car is a '65. I just put the headers on over the weekend (PN 1650). I'm using '70 motor mounts.

The passenger side has quite a bit of clearance to the dash/floor pan. The drivers side is angled more rearward and out toward the frame rail.

What I'm worried about is the fact that the speedo cable, e brake cable, brake line and fuel line are all in this area.

Anyone else experience this? Did you just have the exhaust shop bend the pipe forward slightly to clear?

I'm worried about how the collector will bolt up if it's angled too far forward.

Any help/insigt is GREATLY appreciated.

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Any good exhaust shop will be able to work things out for you. I did not notice any particular issues on the driver side, other than the requirement for the '70 motor mounts to clear the various parts.

I looked at the pictures on your site. From what I can see, your conditons look the same as mine. As I stated, I am using the '70 mounts.

How close is your exhaust to the speedo and e-brake cables where the header collector meets the exhaust pipe? Did you do anything to secure those cables away from the exhaust?

Thanks again,
The cables and hoses in question are all anchored to the rail, including the speedo cable. This keeps them from hitting the pipes quite nicely.
I'm using JBA's with the early mounts on the D-coder and didn't note any issues with cables, fuel line, etc...have had them on for about 7 years now and nothing has cropped up. The only installation issues were with shock tower/steering box clearance, which the later mounts you're using solves.

If you are concerned about exhaust heat near the cables/lines, you can always shield them with products like Firesleeve, which I've used extensively on the race car...the battery cable and fuel line do run in proximity to the headers, which generate extreme heat in a racing app, and by shielding them with a combination of aluminum reflector and firesleeve, they've provided good service with no problems (or boiling fuel *G*)...

Thanks for the replies.

My car is an ex 6 cylinder. I'm wondering (don't know why it would be though) if the six cars had different routing for speedo and e-brake cables. They are NOT tied down on my car.

Thanks again,
The e-brake cable is not typically tied down. It normally has tension in it anyway, which would preclude tying it anywhere.

The speedo cable can be anchored just about anywhere you want as long as you don't pinch it. I'd suggest lubricating it too. The length of the speedo cable gives you a little leeway to work with, but not much.

I do not have any issues with either the speedo or the e-brake cable on my ride. I don't have any good pictures either though. Here is the best picture I have today. You can see the cables in question.

That's the picture I was looking at on your site (smaller res though). It looks like you have a speedo cable adapter of some sort making the overall length of the cable longer. I don't have that much slack in mine.

Thanks again,
The "adapter" is a gearbox that was needed to get the speedo synched up with the T5. I don't have the T5 anymore, so don't have the "adapter" either.

You could probably get a longer speedo cable...
There's a thought (one I guess I should have come up with). I'll see how far I can move it first.

Thanks again,
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