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JC Whitney rotors??

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Anyone ever used these before? I am getting ready to buy some rotors because I am gonna need em to complete my disc conversion and also have the suspension apart already. I looked in JC whitney and they have em for around 40 bucks. Thats not bad and I called to make sure they werent made in Taiwan or something. They said they are made in USA (La, cali). Seems like a good deal to me... anyone disagree?

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Sometimes they have name brand stuff in their "generic" no name boxes... Most of the time the stuff is second/third quality or they backorder stuff for a month or two... Hidden in their ordering info is "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Try 'em, if you don't like 'em, send them back (your stamp).

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Are these rotors available locally for just a little more $$? Also could you get them locally for just a little more $$ and get a lifetime guarantee? A lifetime guarantee that would be very convenient to execute because you and the vendor are in the same town? I have bought items from them before, quite a few over the last 20 years and you must be cautious what you order. Often it is not a perfect fit and not the best finish. What really put them on my S*IT list.........they charged my credit card $99.95 in February for some stinking Buyers Plus Club and I had to call the club phone # 3 times before someone could even look at the charges. Finally they "said" it will be credited and after a few days I called again and was told that the records do indicate it was credited. Where do they get off slamming you with this crap? It has been 2.5 years since I ordered anything from them. BEWARE THEIR MARKETING TACTICS AND THE CRAP THEY SELL! John

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i quit using them completely//u wait 2 or 3 weeks for your stuff/and then all u get then is they are back ordered/good luck sending something back also//pay a few dollars extra//go to a parts store//look at the parts/and u got them in your hand//works for me/most cases very little money difference

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