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Agree with Charles about contacting Kevin.

From your note, followed by information from a non-shaker 69 GT sportroof built Jan 1(1st) with no PS and a 390 conv built Dec (2nd) (69 Shelbys fastbacks follow the majority of the details also since they were spec as Mach I's - too many of those to list)

(Box A 42) sheet/ order type yours (2), - #1 (1) #2 (3)
2= retail order 1= stock order the (3) relates to a special order car - this car in buildsheet was a special order exterior paint car)

(Box B 1-6) enginetag(K384T), - both K384S

(Box B 10) performance group(G)- both (G) on all Mach I's

(Box B 11-17) trans tag(RUGM3) - yours must be from trans not buildsheet both had (RUG AD) code (6)

(Box B 18-24) axle (2R) - #1 (9936A) code (R9) #2 (9999A )code (2R) nothign special

(Box C 1-2)altenator(4A) - (4A) found on both

(Box C 9-16) Speedo gear(6)(2) , Before thsithere should be (GRN WHT)

(Box C 18-24) Driveshaft (4), both have the same code (4) but before this the colors LB BD PK should be there


Brake Opt(P),

(Box D 1-7) F-Shocks(white)(7), -Both had the same shocks standard for HD suspension

(Box 11-17) R-Springs(C), Both have same - should follow the colors GLD BRN

(Box D 18-24) F-Springs(V), same as #1 Should follow the colors YEL TAN

(Box D 42) suspension(HD) Marked code (D) Same as both

(Box E1-6) R-Shocks(Brown) - Both have same - middle of the road rear shock used on non-CJ HD suspensions


(Box E 38) HoodPins(X), - same as #1 shown on Mach's and inturn Shelby sheets

(Box E43) Optional Hood(S) - Same as #1 marked with "S"

(Box F 1-8) Muffler RH(9G) LH(9F), - Same as both

(Box G 1-5) Radiator (8ZE-J), - #1 (9ZE-AE) #2 (8ZE-L)

(Box G 6-10) Fan(8OE-B) Same as both

(Box G 11-15) Pulley(8AE-B), both (9OE-D) appears that there was no difference in this part (PS or no PS) so not sure why your sheet is different If your is before or after this pair could be simple running change

(Box G 16-19) Air Cleaner(90-E), Both #1 and #2 same neither was a ram air car from what we understand

(Box G 20-24) Alt. Belt(4AE-D).- Same on both

Got to ask.

1. Where did you find the information you posted relating to the color=?

2. "K" as the Prefix engine code. Do you mean on the build sheet? If so that does not mean High performance. Go pleanty of "K" 's on 69 buildsheets with all kinds of different engines (M, H, a dn even 2V 302's)

3. "Suffix code (T) IDs design for track or race" Where on the sheet did you find this so that we can respond

Also the idea that a dealer would order a 390 as a race car puzzles me especially equipped the way this car was. (console, 3.25 gears...)

Don't mean to start any heated discussions only a discussion of exchange. ;)

Jeff Speegle
MCA Shelby Gold Card
Mustang & Shelby research, documentation
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