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Junk Yard Scores..

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In the last two weeks I raided the local recycler to get parts I need for Lolita's new stroker. I found a ruined 67 C-coder with a cherry C4 and torque converter, a like-new flexplate and motor plate ! From other cars I removed two cam retainers, a fuel pump eccentric, and the right water pump backing plate. Together with the weird bolts for all the above. Yee hah ! It pays to go see the junk yard queens now and again.
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Nice score Cosmo. Kinda great for the ego when one gets in on a great deal.
Junkyards - the Man's mall /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Junkyard Wars - my kinda show /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
My best find. I was looking for a 9" rear for my coupe a few years ago.[OK about 15 years, but whos counting] Found one in a junk yard, needed new spiders[OK sence I had a parts rear] and needed a good cleaning. $50! After cleaning guess what I found? A "N" housing./forums/images/icons/smile.gif Some times you just step in it.
I found a N case, 31 spline, 3:50 posi under a pickup box trailer that I snagged for $20!!!
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