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Came upon a really nice clean '65/'66 fastback in a junkyard today. Amazing considering the other three there don't have floors or frame rails even left in them and the yard is in Wisconsin; heart of the rust belt. This one was being kept in a shed in the middle of the place that kind of blew down on top of it and some other cars. The guy was going to fix it up, but he just ended up filling up the yard around it with junk cars and now it will never leave. Problem is it's been sawzall'ed to remove rear quarters, but they weren't taken. To make a long story short, this thing will never leave the place, but the guy will sell some good parts off it: driver side door (complete), rear glass; that's about all that's left besides the four speed and eight inch rear. What should I offer for this stuff? I don't need it, but I'd like to get it out of there and sell it to some people who could use the stuff. I'll get a buddy with a digital camera out there and post pics in the next couple weeks.
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