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Since I dont have a stang i figured id share my other projects with you. This is an old post office table my grandparents had. my grandpa wanted to chop it up for fire wood, but my mom stepped in and said NO WAY. BEFORE*EtEZjHm6cpryAi1Fcy5kjoFKoxtKDawRap2Ic6KyA1mPHPlgBUfF3i9dwYNlXfmHLvKCI7K5Jk$/jpg.jpg and after*EtEZjHm6cpryAi1Fcy5kjoFKoxtKDawqkbhC211El0YnpN87TAu*okebFNzLSvkXrS9JolSmUE$/jpg.jpg and this is the stellar job my dad painted on the top*EtEZjHm6cpryAi1Fcy5kjoFKoxtKDawT4A2r!ATvEpSTqm6BAPOtDY*l8FeggXLpmT*12x0epI$/jpg.jpg
and this is a toy box i designed and built in woodshop. It was my first project and I think I did an allright job.*EtEZjHm6cpryAi1Fcy5kjoFKoxtKDawTqTOlhMD0RwhwsJsiLYLj9vnZqkMRjLXf3vt0L1z1us$/jpg.jpg*EtEZjHm6cpryAi1Fcy5kjoFKoxtKDawZjqgxstUEVW*ceZa9lsoDcAxrK*1fz2AF39zkFWgkSE$/jpg.jpg
and this is the only part Im not happy with, its just a little gap but still...*EtEZjHm6cpryAi1Fcy5kjoFKoxtKDaw!!e*d5wDrHI64B2UxG5aKK28KJ8OIdBTxZNBGookZvM$/jpg.jpg Oh and a special message on the bottom.*EtEZjHm6cpryAi1Fcy5kjoFKoxtKDawYR!5Bh8ckRtmqS4cj2CrFLWz9Zw001kw6V3JY4CUXts$/jpg.jpg (made with love by Bradley Allen Bebow)

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Good work BAB, woodworking is good for what ails you...
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