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Well, it looks like it's 'gonna be a busy w/e at my house!
I just got my front suspension kit from Canadian Mustang
and everything looks to be in good shape! I also got my
Stainless Steel front brake lines also. Now it's off to start
my busy-but happy week-end. Hopefully by June, this
sucker will be ready.

Are there any problems with "Midolyne" strut-rod bushings?
I don't want to use them unless it's gonna be o.k. Thanks,Bob

Was Bob Emmerich on old forum

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You are moving right along... Good luck with that suspension.

Have just replaced my Heater core on my 69 . Looking at Hagerty Insurance and i my be out soon. That gas cap is looking closer every day : ).

Let me know how things turn out .

1969 Coupe
1965 Fastback (Project)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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