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Could have gotten the standard dise for $5.95 ,you know the fuzzy ones that hang on the mirror ?
BUT, they are offering the super sized ones for only 5 bucks more, i also sprung for the special GT firm option and for another 5 they will install the Shelby drop option,they hang about an inch lower.and get this for only another 5 bucks they will lower the other one to match the first one, they then set level i guess. yah, i also got the super strenth stabilizer, i think it runs across from one to the other and keeps them from swaying back and forth or something. oh, and for another (you guessed it ) 5 bucks ,i got the free flowing filter thingy,it'll improve the stuff that blows around in the car, i didnt really follow all the technical stuff on this part, but i did hear him say that it kinda looks like a paper bag ?
at $159.95 plus shipping and handling, i thought i got a good package deal.Whatya think? Saved 25 dollars on the package deal compared to ordering each seperatly.
Oh, the guy said the ones on haybay are fake,so dont get sucked into that stuff, trust me, without any customer service noone can undersell him.and i got the last ones ,except for the others.
p.s. they also work well for cleaning wood floors
p.s. p.s. please dont email me with any tech questions, all i know is what he told me, ill let you all know if i get any better oil consumption,but im really counting on the lower engine temps.
wish me luck
Damn, im not sure if i ordered two matching ones or just one ?

Gee, I got another pair that I would like to have hang a little lower and get supersized. You think thay can help?

They don't polish floors, but they do sway back and forth. Most of the time they are free swinging.

OH, and they are original equipment.

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Been ordering from KaleCo again have you? You should have sprung for the extended warranty too!
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