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I finally saved up a few dollars and went on a summit shopping spree. Im ditching my old used broken-down holley and I bought an Edlebrock 600 manual choke. I found out today that a shneider cam/lifter/springs/double roller that had specs similar to the performer cam was installed on it's rebuild so I don't have to change out cams! Here is what I bought. This is like a month of work im blowing on this crap. Alot is spent on gaskets and spacers and stuff because I have had a bad vapor-lock problem. Tell me if this is a good 700 bucks spent.....

1. Accel super stock wires (8mm YELLOW!!) ---- 23.99
2. B&M shift improver kit ------ 26.95
3. Edelbrock 600 manual choke--- 215.95
4. Edelbrock Heat insulat ------ 14.95
5. Holley power shot Air Filter- 39.99
6. Hurst V-matic 2 Shifter(my dad is buying this one for me as a birthday present, otherwise I would NEVER spend this much coin on a shifter, but the ratchet shifter should be cool!------ 169.95
7. Lakewood Traction Bars------- 37.95
8. Mallory High output coil----- 28.95
9. Mallory Hyfire 6a Module----- 115.95
10.Air cleaner spacer(need it)-- 3.95
11.Summit Trunk Mount Battery Kit 42.95
12. Aluminum carb Spacer--------- 14.99
13. Summit Carb gasket(2)--------- 3.00

Grand total with Shipping......... 746.83 /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

Let me know what you think. What am I missing here?!?!

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the didnt give you free shipping?? should be free over 300...

I have the hurst shifter too, I think you should opt for the stronger shifter cable... just my opinion. I drove mine for about 4-5 months and the cable stripped, replaced it with an identical cable, stripped again!

I put in the strong cable havent had a problem since


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Did you see that Ford Racing 347 short block in there. I saw that in my summit catalog that came yesterday in the "New Products" section. $2500? Tempting!


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My turn is coming......../forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

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since you already ordered it all I'm not gonna nit-pick /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif.

Good luck with it all.

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Looks like a good list. I ordered that much stuff more than once on my engine rebuild, so don't feel too bad on the price. It adds up really fast...


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They better give you a T-shirt at least!

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hmmm Summit!! *using homer simpsons' voice*

I remember playing craps for like 4 hours only to walk away with
$3000....went to summit after stuffing my face at the peppermill buffet and almost filled the area behind the rear seat of my bronc
with engine stuff.....

that is when I got the bulk of my stuff for the stroker.

comp cam roller rockers
comp cam roller cam and lifters with spyder assembly
comp cam valve train
comp cam hardened pushrods
edelbrock alum air gap intake
750 cfm holley with elec choke
MSD 6al ign module
MSD pro billet vacuum adv distributor
MSD blaster 2 coil
griffin alum radiator
ford racing under drive pullies
COBRA "powered by ford" valve covers
headmann X-pipe
Holley electric fuel pump and regulator
stainless fuel line
summit chrom dual feed carb pipe with fuel psi guage and copper filter
ford racing 9mm spk plg wires (blue)
B and M tranny oil cooler setup
ARP engine fastener kit
Milodon 8 QT low profile oil pan
melling high volume oil pump
ARP oil pump primer
Ford racing high volume water pump (aluminum)
K and N air filter element 14"
edelbrock O2 sensor and monitor

SOmetimes it goes fast!!!! and that it did!!!!

As Kent Ketell says
"Money talks and all mine ever says is goodbye!"

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