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K-639 belly up

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Today finally turned out to be a MUSTANG DAY!!!! I got my 65 k-code fastback on my rotisserie, and turned her belly up and started sandblasting. I think the old girl liked what was happening to her. What a feeling. I don't care how many times I use the rotisserie, the first time another
car goes on it, it is a good feeling. The best part is looking at a straight, rust free underbelly with great frame rails, that has never been wrecked. Who says you can't get lucky! Anyway, we are on our way with K-639. K for k-code, 639 last three digits in serial number. This is how I keep track of my bag and tag parts system. A-907 is going through resto with k-639. A-907 is an early april factory GT fastback. The system keeps their respective parts separated and where they belong. Man this is fun, and to think my doctor said I had to give it up. What better way to heal the mind and renew the spirit!!
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Way to go Chuck, I hope to get up next week and can't wait to see your progress.

Loooking forward to your visit. I had expected you up last week. We will do lunch.
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