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I'm looking at a '66 that's supposed to
have a "K" code engine.The car was orginally
a 6 cyl. Is there a way other than the engine
ID,to tell visually if it's the "K"?

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This is an answer given here on VMF by Jeff Speegle more than a year ago:
1. Look for the VIN stamped on the engine above the oil pan, at the front on the passenger side

2. Heads on the extensions (where the alternator would bolt) on both heads for a number 18, 19, 20, or 21 or pull a valve cover and check for the spring retainers. C7 heads were made but these are the Thermactor heads and would only be correct on Calif delivered cars produced after April 5th. Should be #C5OE-A or E

Casting numbers on the block and intake are the same as many (2V and 4V) 66 & 67 engines.
Block #C5AE-6010-E is just one used
Intake >#C6OE-9425-B or G
Dist #C7ZF-12127-J or C7OF-K
Exhaust #C7ZE-9431-A & #C7ZE-9430-A
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