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After a very lengthy restoration (14 years) of a C-code `66 FB, I am considering selling her to step up to a K-GT FB 4 speed car. Preferably a `66 but will consider `65. I have scoured for quite awhile now with nothing that I would fly to Florida to look at. Also these cars seem to be in the hands of "dealers" and have been messed with in some way or another. I prefer deluxe interior without white or palomino appointments and must be a factory GT.
About 8 years ago I saw THE car at the Bellevue roundup in the for sale corral. `66 K-GT, Raven black, black deluxe interior. The body and paint were perfect, but the original engine was missing. $15,000. I kick myself now for walking away. I still have the video of the car. About a year ago I saw an ad for what appears to be the same car located in Everret. The ad quickly dissappeared so I've totally lost track of it.
I know this isn't the want ads but you folks may have a lead on a car in the general PNW area. Thanks for helping. Brock
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