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K&N Air Filter, Worth it?

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I know what you've heard, well did it help you? I don't see how I can get more horsepower than my thin paper element.. I mean the K&N's look more restrictive than anything else to me.... Hell I've ran my car without an airfilter and didn't notice any difference /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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On every naturally aspirated car I've driven and installed a K&N, I have noticed NO difference... HOWEVER, on turbo engines there is a seat of the pants difference, enough of one you can feel it. FWIW


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On the 2.3 Turbo there was a noticeable difference in sound but the original aircleaner set up was very restrictive. I am not sure if there would be a difference with an open element. Years ago I bracket raced a car with and with out the open element filter. No difference at all.

FWIW Consumer reports once tested it and found that nothing changed. It least nothing they could measure.

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I have never been able to tell a difference

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I got a K&N filter and the top filter also and can tell no difference. I bought the top filter with plans to use it with my paper filter since they advertise it as "fits any 14" element"..WRONG, I had to get their round filter to make things fit, so now I have a 110.00 air filter on my carb.

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There is one very important will never buy another air can clean them. Have them on all my cars. You can feel the difference on the fuel injected cars and very little on the carberated cars.

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I went back to my original air cleaner assembly, taking the K&N off, and I honestly cannot tell the's still fast.


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On the race car, the co-ordinated filter and housing from K&N were worth about .05 seconds over no air filter.....the housing helps straighten the airflow prior to entry to the carb.

More importantly, it keeps the air clean, given the dust and debris at the race track...which lengthens engine life...

Got one in my '91, can't tell any difference.

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Never noticed a difference in perfomance either. Bought it because it can be cleaned & re-used.
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On filters, check out the following:
just bought mine yesterday, can't tell any difference....

got it cause i can clean and reuse it....i hope...

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I dont notice a difference with mine but it traps more debree and you never need another one...

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