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I worked on the trap door and now have that ready to be installed. I had purchased a trap door that had speaker holes cut in them from @mqu02 and decided to purchase speakers and get the trap door set up for installation. I purchased speakers that are similar to what I have in my 66 and I like the sound, so I purchased these and they fit fairly well in the pre-cut holes. I just had to do some minor grinding to get them to sit in place.

I decided I wanted a box of some sort to protect the speakers both from anything placed in the trunk, or when something might be placed past the trap door when it is open. I wanted a domed box with smoothed edges, but after looking online for one (and unsuccessful), I finally decided to build a box from spare wood that I had. I am not sure how these will work with a donut spare tire, but for now I am good with it.

I ran 5 inch screws from the front, and this allowed me to attach the speakers securely into the hole, and also secure the box to the square part of the back of the trap door. View attachment 852325
Here is a photo with the box installed:
View attachment 852326
and here are the speakers from the front:
View attachment 852327
That turned out awesome! So glad you were able to use it, and nice job. Please post pictures when you get it installed too.
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