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Kick down bar

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I hope this question makes sense to you guys and I hope you can help me in my problem. My kick down bar would not fit when I changed my intake manifold and my carb, so now when driving the car the car shifts into second very quick so how do I prevent this from happening? I have FMX transmission with a 351w


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With the same setup and changing to a Edelbrock carb, a adapter is required to make the new carb accept the linkage. You did not specify what carb you went with. I had to give the linkage a few tweeks to get it to reach the new location of the peg that the linkage hooks to. Hope this helps. John

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The missing kick down linkage will not effect your shifting from first to second or second to third. What will effect the shift point is the vacuum modulator. Is it hooked up? When you removed and replaced the intake, did you reattach the vacuum line that goes to this little cylindrical can on the transmission. The modulator usually has a very small slotted screw that is in the center of the nipple where the hose slides on. By making small adjustments to this screw you can change the shift point of the transmission. Kick down linkage will give you passing gear without having to grab the shifter handle and manually dropping it down a gear. If you do not have the linkage connected at the carb then you should remove it so that the kickdown lever that sticks out of the transmission is not in the kickdown position all the time.

It would be a shame to have passed the test but to have missed the lesson.
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