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New Kinsler Mechanical Fuel Injection for 351 Cleveland. Dyno time only.....

I have the complete set-up.

Magnesium 2-7/16 bore injection for tall deck Cleveland. Will work on a standard Cleveland by cutting the middle valley cover.

Fuel pump and adapter to mount pump to distributor.

Electromotive crank fired ignition system. This is required due to the distributor now operating the fuel pump.

Calibrated barrel valve for gasoline.

Electronic shut-off fuel valve.

Main, secondary and high speed bypass valves. All calibrated by Kinsler.

Kinsler fuel surge tank, to allow this type injection to run on the street, without vapor lock.

All of the stainless fuel lines, which include pressure, bypass and return lines and approx. $1,500 worth of fittings.

Custom Oval Air Cleaner Assemblies. Similar to Weber Style Air Cleaners.

I want $3,000 for everything, plus shipping.

I am located in Troy, Michigan...

[email protected]
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