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Well, according to 67Delilah, the $13/head deal at Don Jose's is not such a great deal. I have suggested to Bob (67D) that he approach the management at DJ's about giving us the banquet room and letting us order off the menu. We'll see.

Anyway, here's the list of confirmed and maybe attendees. If you are not on the list and should be, drop me a line:
Pat & Rene (Camachinist)
Allen Paxton + wife
Mr and Mrs Teebone
Mr and Mrs GEM
BlueOval4me (eric) and guest
Russ & Barbara Mann (G1967T)
Stewart Smith + 1
The 67Delilah Family (3)
Dean T
ShanMan (+1)
Randy Bosscars (+6)
Steve (bassfromspace+1)
Jill Gipson +1
Mr and Ms abn (+ chilluns?)
Mike McKelvey
Freekenstang (?+1)
70Sportsroof (?)
Tom Halpenny (?)

Glenn Morgan: 66 GT V-Burgundy Fastback 351w+toploader+9 in. TracLoc. Started out as a rusted-out Chicago-area crusher. After sacrificing a solid 66 coupe for its sheetmetal sub-assemblies, I have one solid (and expensive) work in progress!
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