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These are the people that have responded at some point that they will definitely or possibly attend. If your name is not on the list, and should be - give me a shout. If you are on the list and cannot attend, let me know that as well. BTW - If there is a question mark after a name, that means it is not confirmed,
Pat & Rene
Allen Paxton + wife
Mr and Mrs Teebone
Doug and Mrs Whizco (possible +2)
DPM (?)
Stewart Smith + 1
The 67Delilah Family (3)
Dean T
BlueOval4me (?)
ShanMan (+1)
G1967T Russ Mann+1 (?)
Kevin V (?)
Randy Bosscars (?)
Mr and Ms abn (?)

Glenn Morgan 66 GT Fastback 351w+toploader

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I will definitely be coming (I arrive at Knotts the day before to help pack goody bags). Depending on the capacity of the place, I will have quite a few "Mustangers" in tow. As I stated previously, there are quite a few "parties" going on the night before at the various hotels in the immediate vicinity of Knotts. I will keep tabs on where the dinner is and let you know how many I will drag with me....

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