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Knotts is sold out!

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Okay, the Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knotts on 22 April is oficially sold out and in fact, they are returning entries that are still pouring in. This doesn't mean, however, that you can't participate in the cruise. I have had quite a response so far and will DEFINITELY have the list done up along with map, instructions, etc that will hit the streets this weekend. If you are planning on going to the show, even if only as a spectator and you're driving your classic Mustang, join in with us. As stated in the past, email me with your name, car type, location and some contact phone numbers (home, work, cell). This cruise looks to be a "bit" larger than last year (we had 35 cars) and we will have video/digital pics being taken before, during and upon arrival. Hope to see you there!

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Cool! This thing is going to be a really good time! Can't wait to see everyone from last year as well as some new (and improved..ha ha) faces.

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