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thanks for the links all but i am having a problem w/my computer. can't access any of them. if someone would be so kind as to post the actual info. it would be muy appreciato ! and shut-up.......i'm only slightly blonde ! [email protected]

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Bottle blonde, likely as not....*G*

I think we're going to the Don Jose's on Beach in Anaheim but don't quote me on it....

There's a couple of them around but this one is real close to Knott's...

Saturday, April 21 at approximately 6pm....

If your going, please let MrGem know privately so he can add you to this list...

Either he or 67Delilah will be posting directions and an attendee list shortly...

Hope to see you there!!


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It'll be Saturday, 4/21, the night before the all Ford show at Knotts. We'll be going to Don Jose's, a place picked by 67Delilah (he lives in that part of town).

So far, about 25 people are planning on attending. If you will definitely be there, drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll add your name to the list.

Watch VMF during the next few days for more details.

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