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I know that Knott's is in april. I know that there is a Don Jose dinner the night before. (LOVE THEIR CHIPS & SALSA ;)
But what is it? And how do I find out more about all this stuff?
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Knott's, as we call it, is an annual gigantic car show put on by the Fabulous Fords Forever car club at Knott's Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park, CA. They hold it in their overflow parking lot which holds 1600 cars. It's down from what it was a few years ago because the park has built a water-theme park on the south end of the lot. Fords, Mercurys, and Lincolns all gather in a non-judged, no competition atmosphere to enjoy a day of admiring a bunch of cars! It's primarily older cars, some back to the early 1900's, but there's several later model Mustang and Thunderbird entries, too.

See this web site for more info:

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I approached the manager of Don Jose's on La Palma about reserving a large banquet style room in the back, but after the response from VMF'ers (About 25 people) and a lack of interest in the fixed-price banquet dinner menu, I will contact him again and attempt to reserve table space for 25 people around the edge of the bar on a no-host basis. Call it a celebration of the independent nature of VMF'ers. Tentative dinner time is 7 p.m. I'll square it it with the manager and post up in a few days.

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I have never attended...Maybe I'll go this year....
sounds interesting.
Hey Bob-
Put out a couple of posts earlier in the week... Randy 'Bosscars' wants to bring up to a dozen of his 'wild and crazy' Mustang buddies who will be in BP for the show the next day. That would put us well over 30 - Do you still thing putting us in with the 'general population' is the way to go?

Also Randy has said that there will be a couple of informal 'parties' for Fab Fords entrants and guests at one or more of hotels near the park the evening of the 21st. Could be interesting...

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HE he he! And the tale grew in the telling....

"When you hear pounding hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." - Dr. Harold Slavkin, Dean USCSD
Knott's is the best show around. I have fun every year I go!! I would suggest if you've never been, to go!!

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