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Kudos to Scott302 at NPD

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last week i was asking what the metal packing stuffed in my manifold was and how to replace it. Scott302 replied that they carry it at Nat'l Parts Depot, but i couldnt find it in the catalog.
I just got one of my orders today (placed 3 orders last week, hooboy), and inside was this item marked 'free of charge per Scott'.
thats great service, thank Scott & NPD !
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Thats great!!! I'm real big on good Customer service. There are too many places to spend my dollar to get bad service.

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Well maybe I should start ordering through scott. Last time I ordered from NPD i had a bad experience with a salesmen. I finally decided to give em another try bc they have something I need but lets see how this goes.

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At the California NPD there's a guy who goes by JC and he's very knowledgeable about Mustangs. Since NPD carrys Chevelle, T-bird, and Camaro parts, sometimes you may get someone who doesn't speak Ford. *G*

They're a big company but they do take care of you. I've haven't had a problem with them.

Dean T

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Thanks for the kind words! The packing is listed for 8 cylinder cars so I figured I'd use you as a Guinea Pig :) See if it works for you. Let me know either way.

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NPD always has given me top notch service.

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NPD in NC is the best. I only order from them now.

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