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Ok guys and gals getting down to the wire, last day to get your bids in.

Belive it or not still one item with no bids #3 man somebodys gonna steal these you gotta have em for your resto ride, don't wait till its too late.

AS alwayst he T-Lock has many bids and is Overbid territory

The bolt kit is holding its own but alot of room for someone to save some really money on this item.

This is all about You, think of me as Public Tv guy selling stuff to sponsor such great programing. You know you want to surport and heres your way to with getting a gret item you can auctually use.

Tommorow once these items close will have new set of items and ONE especially Iam sure will garner some real good bids so you high rollers out there be ready cause if you want this your gonna have to want it bad.

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