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late model cobra brakes

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Has anyone out there tried to retrofit late model gt or cobra brakes to a 65 stang? what parts would you need? a-arms,spindles,rotors,calipers,etc..? i can get the parts relatively cheap and would be willing to use myself as a guinea pig!
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Hm, it might be tough but do-able. If you use the spindles you will have to weld in the late model strut towers and K-member. The late models use a modified MacPherson strut design which the spindle is bolted to the strut and the strut is bolted to the strut tower - eliminates the upper ball joint.

Might have to convert to rack and Pinion also since I don't think the vintage tie rods fit the modern spindles.


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I have the Stainless Steel Brake HD kit, the kit includes the PBR cobra calipers. It may not be the cheap alternative your looking for, when you start pricing out time and materials for a brake upgrade the kits start
looking better and better.


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I've been seriously reserching how to do a Fox chassis conversion into a vintage mustang. I know there are a bunch of kits available to use the Mustang II parts, but the FOX stuff is so much better and I feel struts and R&P is the way to go. To date it seems if a guy was to build a lower X member with the correct mounts for the lower A arms, then a bolt-in upper mount for the tops of the struts, then all that's left is and adapter for the steering coluum-to-R&P.

There is so much great 5.0 stuff out there to choose from to upgrade to a great front suspension from there.

Anybody else thinking in this direction?

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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