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I've really enjoyed watching/reading troubles progress- thanks.

Did you install your electric life power regulators and Hotronics switches yet? Did they fit/work ok? I'm going to do the same install on my 68 fastback and would love any suggestions you might have. I'm still looking for the wire 'boots' that go between the door and the body. Anyone have any ideas on where to buy these?

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Oh, I wish we were that far along! I figure it will be at least six months before we get to the windows, unfortunately. I think they will work great, however. Trouble is at my mechanic's speed shop for awhile getting a variety of welding work done. We didn't want to do anything in the interior, or paint the car either, until he was done. After the Pensacola show we'll get back to work in earnest (and I'll post some new pictures). *G*

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