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leaf springs again w/pic

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I posted earlier about the new leaf springs I bought compared to the ones that came off of the car. The rear was sagging bad with the old leafs. If you have time click the link above to see a pic of the old and new leafs side by side and let me know what you think. I just want to make sure these look right before I put them on, after they are installed I cant return them. Thanks
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If your ride height was too low for you with the originals, you won't like the ride height of those new 1" drop ones.
This picture was taken with factory sagging leaf springs in the rear and the front:

This picture was taken with replacement 5 leaf 1inch drop leaf springs and 620 one inch drop coils:

The car sits virtually identically in height. The only difference is instead of saggy work out springs giving me the desired height, I get the stance I wanted and the benefits of new suspension components.

Your new leafs are designed to lower the factory stance so they are bent differently than the old ones you removed. They are prob heavier duty IMO which is why they are not arced as much.

I used drop leafs that alter the eye hole position to accomplish the drop...but I also did not directly compare the old with the new to check for arc.
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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I am quite happy with the following combination: Eaton standard '65/'66 GT rate rear leafs (4) from NPD. Eibach variable 380-420 rate '65/'66GT coils from ProMotorsports Engineering. The back sits about about 2" above the tires and the front about 1" above giving a slight rake. Neither springs are altered (no coils cut, etc).
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