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How can you tell if you need new leaf springs, is there a way to look at it or what. I'm not sure if I need new or not. A friend at an autoshop told me I did but I what a second opinion.

Thanks John
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The best way to tell, is the front of the car is higher then the rear. Looks like your car is doing a wheelie!
If they are the original spring the probably need replacing. I would do a matched set of front and rear spring from or any of the popular Mustang vendors.


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I just bought a matched set of 620 coils and 4 and a half leaves from Mustangs Plus. I can't recomened what it feels like yet because they ain't fitted yet, but the service was great and the springs have a lifetime garuantee....



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If you fill up your gas tank and you lose your rear wheels in the fenders, then you need new rear leafs....If you hit a bump, and your backend goes way up and then slams back down, you need new rear leafs....

That is what made me realize mine needed to be replaced. I ordered the 4 and a half leaf spring kit from MustangsPlus....My original ones were 4 and a half.....

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I had put a set of booster shocks in the rear many years ago to try and lift the rear. It helped some. Last year I had the leaf springs replaced at my local mustang shop. For the first time in 26 years, the rear sits as high as the front, and without the booster shocks.
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