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Leaving in a Uhaul tonight!

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Well I survived the local 5.0 earthquake. It was only centered about 30 miles away and my wife really felt it, but I was in the basement and I didn't even notice. Regardless I missed my first mediocore earthquake. It was centered 15miles NW of Evansville, IN.

Anyway, we're leaving tonight for Pensacola, Florida. I have the 24 foot Uhaul outside with the auto transport. The mustang is going to be towed behind the Uhaul. I noticed the Uhaul has a box attached to the kick panel that keeps track of speed. I don't think I like that. The trailer only has straps that tie around the front wheels and chains that go around the frame. I'm a little uneasy with that as well but the Uhaul guy assured me I'd be okay. Anyway, I probably won't be on the net for a long time so take care all and have fun at corn feed! I wish I was there!
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Hey Bish.I hope you get this before you leave.Have a safe trip and check the straps on the trailer when you fuel up.I transported my Boss 805 miles on one of those and it worked fine.Keep in touch.
Hey, take care bish', get back on here as soon as you can and have a safe trip!
good luck!
Have fun, and were heavy boots....they put huge throttle return springs on those rentals
Bish -

Best of luck on the move, getting settled, and new jobs. It's been really quiet around here (and chat) without you. Get back on soon!!!

Cool Sig pic, BTW! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif Power Tour was a great time, not just the cars, but meeting you & "hanging" together for 4 days - It will be a weekend that I'll remeber for a long time!

Best of luck in Florida! Remember, we'll still let you come back to the Midwest! BTW, I hear that they have some teacher openings in the Piper School District - over 1/2 the teachers have resigned after last year's plagiarism scandal!!! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
I didn't even feel the quake either....... Your leaving Indiana for Florida? I wish I was in your shoes..... I may down that way next year..... Ill stop by and give you a holler!
Hope you have a good trip. Don't worry about the tie down on the trailer. I towed my cougar from VT to VA on one of those and didn't have a problem.
Good! You're just in time for hurricane season!

I'll be at CFII this weekend, otherwise I'd love to help you unpack. /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

Glad to hear you decided on the move to Florida. Have a safe trip. I'll talk to you after you get settled.
have a safe trip Bishir! we are going to miss you for awhile!!!!
Florida's gain is the Midwest's loss.
Good luck. Hope you enjoy your new home.
Safe journey, my friend. Watch out for flamingos...
If ya read this give me a call at the shop when you get to town[857 1084].I can give you a hand getting out of the uhaul into your house.I also have a 15 and 9 yr old sons that owe me some favors. Matt Ponderosa Mustang
Please go slow and steady until you reach your destination. Please remember to keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times. Please get back to us as soon as your settled to let us know that you have arrived safe and sound. Hasta lavista baby!
Hey Bishir, good luck on the trip down. I wish I was in your shoes! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
Good Luck ! Dickson
Good luck buddy, watch for the thieves on the way down.
Good luck Bud !!! And keep a REAL close eye on teh straps that go over the tires. They have a bad habit of working themselves loose. Ask me how I know!!!
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