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I stopped by my local parts house today and picked up a new rear seal for my 65 C4 automatic. I didn't open the box there but when I got home I took it out and realized that it has a rubber boot on it that extends approximately 1-2 inches rearward. The old seal I took out did not have a rubber boot. My question is...are these types of seal any good? I have a brand new yoke on my driveshaft and don't want to mess it up. I would think that since no transmission fluid is SUPPOSED to get past the first seal then this boot would be dry and the rubber would wear a groove on my new yoke. Anybody disagree with this? Also, did they make seals like this back in 65 and if not, will I be deducted points in concours judging for this type of seal?

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Have that kind of seal on my 68 C6, and I got it from Ford. I believe the extra bit on the end is to try to keep excess dirt etc away from where the yoke slides, it does not seal oil.

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