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Lolita Sheds Her Clothes - Speedo Prob Resolved - Sort Of

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Lolita is up on stands, and I got started stripping her back end (wowwee !) for repairs. The sheet metal is no surprise - just as I figured. I may be able to save the left rear quarter, I'll have to see what's under the paint and bondo first - Both frame rails will go, lot's of work, but I'm up for it.

I found out why the speedo quit on the way to the track that day - the gear came off the end of the cable and is hiding in the tailshaft somewhere along with the retaining clip. And there it shall stay, I think. I'm not planning to dig it out, I think it will be safe where it is. The next one will go in with a NEW clip !

The bad news is that the left rear axle has a bent flange - It had all of 50 miles on it ! Oh, well, that's racing - Currie will get a chance to check the housing while it's out to make sure it isn't tweaked -

I'll be after the old girl in earnest with a sawzall and spot-weld cutter this weekend -
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Did you ever post pictures of the damage?

You're a brave man. When my son's '65 got creamed, bending the frame rails, we decided to put that one out of it's misery, and it became an organ donor for many other Mustangs.

Good luck with the repairs.

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Not sure if I posted the battle-damage photos - I'll see if I can find 'em and post tomorrow -

I considered turning her into a parts-horse, but being that she's a family legacy, I'm doing my best to save the old girl. I'm pretty sure I'll be successful. Not the same thing as cost-effective, however ::
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