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Long Block Rebuild

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I am an extreme novice at this, but am enjoying rebuilding a '66 coupe at my own (slow) pace. I'm ready to have a long block rebuild done but wonder what all I will need to install prior to dropping the engine in and after.

I know there's gotta be a ton of info, but if someone would take the time or could recommend articles on the subject, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Here's what I assume will be there with a long block:
Complete block assembly, from oil pump to heads, including timing chain.

Other things you'll need (assumming you're like me and keep starting with rolling shells *LOL*): Intake, carb, distributor, timing chain cover, fuel pump, harmonic balancer, water pump, exhaust man./headers, radiator, hoses, thermostat, fan w/ pullie and spacer, coil (and rest of ignition system ... plugs, wires, etc.), starter, and motor mounts. You'll also need a multitude of bolts/nuts.

Special tools you'll need for pulling engine: breaker bar, harmonic balancer puller (or have machine shop pull it) and hoist.

Special tools for install: Good torque wrench, hoist, and a helper or two (quality of helpers varies with beer consummed).

Hopefully this is something of what you're looking for.

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