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I recently rebuilt my PS pump in order to maintain the original look and feel as opposed to a re-built one.

However, after everything was back together and repainted I've noticed the 3 front mounting holes do not line up with the corresponding points on the PS cradle bracket.

My assumption at this point is I have rebuilt this unit with the front cast plate 180 degrees off. Can someone look at the front end of their pump? My question has to do with the 1/2" flange boss which goes off the main center hub. Is it positioned at 9:00 or 3:00 o'clock when viewed from the engine front. Currently, mine is at 9:00 and is interfering with the bracket.

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Just looked at my my pump and if you place the filler neck straight up at 12 o'clock then that flange should be at about 1:30, so it sounds like you're about 180 off. You can see it in the motor pic on my web page. That flange, along with the bolt boss below it, is where you put a bar in to put tension on the pump belt when you tighten it.
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