Engine:D-code 4v 289
Trim:76A convertible/standard
Looking for a number of parts to assemble a casting number/date code correct D-code 289 4v/4spd for my fathers 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible - scheduled assembly date July 16th 1964 (~16G) R- San Jose plant -

I'm interested in any parts or possibly a complete engine, (I can dream can't I?) The original engine to the car is long gone (removed in New Mexico in the late 70s/early 80s, thrown rod) I have a block and cylinder heads but the block will need a lot of work and money due to pitted cylinders and .030 O/B pistons, (all 8 holes will need sleeves) rotating assembly siezed.

Parts I know I currently need (edited as parts have been located):

I have a C4AE-6316-D harmonic damper, stamped 4F, but the top half of the C4AE cast looks rough from contact with something while spinning. Would consider another in better shape.

Currently have an unknown 4100 1.08 carburetor on it. (Possibly January '64) Tag missing. For manual trans. (no dashpot) I believe the correct carb for D-code/4spd would have a C4GF tag with a full # of C4GF-9510-U. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Date code before July 13th '64 preferred.

Any information on what I have correct or incorrect appreciated. Last picture is a tag with info on the parts I currently have, (the distributor is not on the list yet, but I think I have the correct one)

Couldn't resist dressing it as a K-code on the stand, but I do have the correct bronze/gold valve covers and 17" air cleaner, air cleaner base is stamped 5F, (probably wrong for 64.5) Thanks. -Midnight
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