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Looking for Jim M Garcia former Van Nuys

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Trying to trace the the history of my trible black 1967 luxury convertible GTA S-Code Mustang. I am stuck in Van Nuys around 1990.

The owner at this time was a Jim M Garcia, living on 17107 Vose St. Van nuys Ca 91406 (Got his title issued 10/26/88).

He had the car featured in a 2 page article 'Black Beauty' in the 1989 september issue of Fabulous Mustangs and exotic fords. Article written by Jeff Tann (Can anybody help me to get in contact with Jeff Tann).

The car went to Oklahoma in the summer of 1993.

The house on Vose St. was sold to Jose and Delmy Alvarenga on 8/26/93.

So it appears that he sold the car and the house and due to one of the local mustang shops, most likely moved to a small town up north around Sacramento.

Story of the car hereafter is tracked over Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas to Denmark in Europe where I am living.

From Marty Autoworks I got a copy of the original window sticker - that tells it was delivered to Walker Buerge Ford, 11800 Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA 90025 11/30/66. Being one of 495 such cars somebody might remember it from way back in the Los angeles area...

I have been checking phone registers, DMV, Real Estate & Tax record trying to locate him.

It's quite a task, tracking these informations down cross the
Atlantic, but I am determined to succeed. So I hope somebody might be able to contribute with some small clues on how to proceed.

Peter Sorensen

[email protected]

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Peter, you have waaay too much time on your hands! *LOL*

Seriously, good job with all the detective work. I can't help you but I wish you bon chance...

Be a good dad to your kids and phone your mom twice a week...
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