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Hi, Just a comment endorsing your post. The 65 4 wheel manual drum brake setup (which I have, see post above, grrrr) using a brass block to distribute brake fluid between the two front brakes and to send fluid to the rear, where it is split by a block which bolts onto the axle via the breather tube fitting. FYI, the 6 cylinder rear lines are different than the 8 cylinder because an different axle housing/rear end is used and the breather tube is located about 2 inches more towards the driver's side on the 8 cylinder compared to the 6 cylinder.

It's great to learn that the 76 granada mc is a bolt up. I bought a FORD service replacement 67 m/c, still in the Ford box. I plumbed the rear brakes directly to the front reservoir of the 67 m/c. I am posting separately my brake woes, perhaps you can check it out and give me some feedback.

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