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Good afternoon all. Disassembly is going well. No real new surprises. (is it done yet?)

We are tearing her down to the individual nuts and bolts and my intent with the car is to restore her as close as possible to original. I also anticipate only driving the car to local meets. Those of you who have followed my thread on this know about the bit of interesting history on this car which I am still tracking down.

I am having an internal debate with myself on three things. Car was not ordered with a/c or the front disc brake option and does not have the Chrome Styled Steel Wheels.


1. Rusty and I discussed changing out all four to disc brakes. Obviously keeping the original drums and associated parts. OR just converting the front brakes to disc brakes.

2. Car currently has a dash on it as if it had factory a/c. Will probably replace the dash regardless. Really think we need A/c in FL. So..... go back with a dash pad without the factory a/c opening (as ordered) and add a vintage air type a/c?

3. The wheels on it currently look OK but I will probably replace them regardless. Thoughts on the Chrome Styled Steel Wheels (per the Marti report that's what she came with) versus another option?

If nothing else this can be a cannon fodder thread for the weekend. LOL.

Enjoy your weekend.

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