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Looking for this name of this brake part

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I have a 65 Gt Conv. I am looking for the name of the brake part that is mounted to the rear end breather. It also connects the rear brakes to the front supply. I need to know this so i can post on the wanted.

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That is the rear soft brake line that has the junction block on it.
I know 69/70 has the rubber hose w/ junction block, but wasn't sure about the older cars. I call it the "center rear brake hose, with the junction block for the rear hard lines." /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
That part comes permanently attached to the brake hose. The hose connects the body line to the rear axle lines.

The GT brake hose is more difficult to find and more expensive than the standard 65 brake hose. This is one item you'll always want to buy new. Legally it has to be made by a DOT certificated manufacturer. Dallas Mustang carries it as part #5313. NPD carries it as part #2282-1B listed costs are $40.95 and $43.95 respectively. DO NOT USE a old or previously used part...use new only!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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