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Howdy all.

Even though it seems like summer lasts longer and longer each year around here, it is about time to start thinking about what we are going to do INDOORS this winter.

I have a couple of things in mind for the old Ranchero, but I was hoping we could get a few MUSTANG related projects on the to-do list here too.

So - if you have some nagging project that you want to get accomplished, and you would like the help of other club members, please answer here.

We will try to pick the most interesting projects and set a meeting day for each one throughout the winter.

Hopefully, you would be able to host the meeting in your own garage, but if necessary, there are also a few of us willing to help by allowing these meets to be held in our own heated garages.

Just reply here with your project ideas, and we will go from there!



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I was thinking that maybe we could have a call for help day. For instance if your going to spend the day in the garage and need help pulling a hood, hanging a door or even dropping an engine in. Things that you can't do by yourself but only need help for a short time you could call out for help and someone could stop by to help. Not really a tech day, but you could get help.
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