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I've been playing with the Hollander lookups. Now why in the hell do they show among engine choices for a 68 Mustang....a 427!
Everyone I've heard of, including VMF, swears no 427s were put into Mustangs (by Ford anyway). WTF?
Interesting that they show the 67 200 C4 tranny to interchange with the one for a 289. No mention is made of swapping converters or bellhousings. They do mention that the 6 uses a 7 tooth speedo gear while the V8's have an 8 tooth gear. Odd.
When looking up various 302s it mentions that heads on 72 up cars have hardened valve seats while trucks didn't start using them until 75. Never knew that before.
Anybody have any goofy stuff to look up?
It goes from mid 60's to most 2001 stuff-the latest info. Also some handy option code reading, mostly GM, but it does toploaders and axle tags for Fords. Probably more I haven't tried yet. Too late tonite, but will return tomorrow.
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