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Just hope he knows about the new one, looks like Bob shut down the pranksters over there.

1967 S code GT Deluxe Coupe 65B
1966 Convertible 76B 289 4 speed
1964 Fairlane 500 2DR HT-the new project
1986 Jeep Cherokee 4X4 the "beater"

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yeah, it was time. the pranks had gotten out of hand and it was time to shoot the good old pony board and put it out of its misery :-(

San Antonio, Tx
66 coupe 289
70 fastback done by may/graduation...hopefully

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Jeez, I thoght that Pat was gonna close it out! Oh well!
Farewell old friend, you have served us well!

Was Bob Emmerich on old forum
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