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Looks like the 'Crazy Stang painter' is back...

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Now, my first love lies with my wife. A very close second is my Mustang. I do however have a thing for 50's corvettes...

Whilst checking out Ebay for 50's vette's I stumbled across this eye sore... Now I know it's not a 50's but something familiar caught my attention....

Could it be that the 'crazy Stang painter' from Ebay has painted another?


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I think it was the other guys brother.
Nice way he used the same pics 4 or 5 tiimes.....
Very nice description too.....

Can you smellllllllalalalala........?
66 coupe 289 2v C4 needs restore
70 coupe 351W 2v c4 almost done (?)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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