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Lost my hard drive

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My computer crashed the other day and when it was fixed the whole hard drive was erased. Luckly for me I had just backed up my pictures and documents but I lost everything in my e-mail files, addresses etc... etc...
Please all my friends and fellow VMF brother and sisters that have written me about questions on restoring their rimblow steering wheels send me another e-mail. Sorry for any inconvience. I didn't forget you, I just don't have your e-mail address.
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If I could make a suggestion for future use...

I keep a backup of my critical e-mail addresses and bookmarks on both my website and in my Yahoo address book/favorites list (I use Yahoo for nearly all my correspondence)...that shouldn't replace routine backups of those items to seperate media but is a bit of extra insurance. An added side benefit is that I don't have to keep that info constantly updated on my laptop when travelling; I can just pull it off the web.

I still have correspondence and e-mail addresses on Yahoo from 5 years ago.....kinda fun to look back at all that water under the bridge..*G*
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