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Several years ago my favorite Pony dis-appeared from my driveway.
I was hoping that someone in this community may have seen it or parts of it...
VIN # 5R07C130601

Is how it was titled however it had some distinct characteristics....

It had an A-code 289 with a top loader 4 speed..the four speed was retro fitted as the origial 3-speed hole was still intact and a new hole made for the top-loader.

The front floor pans had new metal that was kind of a temporary fix riveted rather than welded.

The car had been wrecked on the drivers side and the inner and outer drivers side fender were not original.
The car was green with a white carpet I had just put new carpet in,repainted all metal interior surfaces.

Motor was all original ford blue with aftermarket headers and glasspacks.

Another distiguishing factor was the drivers side vertical bumber was alittle crooked as it was damaged in the accident. All and all it was extremly clean and ran excellent.

If you have seen this or have any information please contact me @ 712-256-0994 or via e-mail [email protected]

I understand that it is long gone but I have layed awake at night for several years just wondering what ever happend to my long lost friend.
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