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lots of 67/8 parts to trade

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i have the following for sale or trade:
-set of 68 doors,good cond. minor surface rust
-2 drivers side remote mirrors some minor pitting, not nos
-73 convertable trunk lid
-5 67/8 coupe trunk lids,solid,some rust
-2 67/8 deluxe hoods in need of repair
-67 fastback fiberglass rear interior panels
-67 fastback quarter louvers
-67/8 fastback exterior vents
-68 fender,good cond.solid,minor rust
-65 headlight buckets
-2 67 rear valances
-67 heater control panel (non ac)
-68 steering box
-2 68 grilles
many others just ask, pics avalable e-mail me with requests, thanks -pete
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i would rather trade them than sell them at this point,i am looking for headers,aftermarket cam,or a 4bbl carb+manafold, thanks -Pete

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I'm interested in the 68 steering box. I hopped in my fastback this weekend, went to turn the wheels and heard a nasty pop. Now my wheels don't turn anymore. =(
What condition is it in, and do you know if its the box for the manual/power non-integrated or the integrated box. From what I can tell, I have the non-integrated power steering, even though I can't get any power out of it.

Unfortunately I have no spare parts to trade now.

Thanks in advance.
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