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I spent the day working on the lower arms. Like always, I don't
want to spend the money for store bought arms, so I made my
own. These are photos of the finished arms. I will do a "How To"
soon. It was not as hard as I thought. I cut the hole in the arm
with a hole saw on the drill press. The sleeve was slid in and
welded, and the bearing was pressed into it. I put two small
collars on each side to hold the bearing, and spot welded them
in place. The boxing of the bottom is just a piece of 1/8" plate.
I started the project with new Moog lower arms. The spacers
are the only part I had to have made.

This photo showes the spherical bearing and the spacers I used to fit the arm to the car.

This is the top of the arm to show how the spacers take up the space where the stock bushing goes.

The boxing of the bottom. The hole is where the sway bar end-link goes.

This is for our '65 coup. I have been runing stock lower arms
with poly bushings. Not sure how much this will help, but I
had a good time building them.

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Some nice work! I'll be looking forward to your how-to. I've been kicking around a similar idea, but your method looks simpler and likely stronger than what I was thinking of. You don't mind if I pirate your design do you? ::
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