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lower door skins?

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hi doug2stanger here
done with my 68 coupe. now for work
on swmbo 65 coupe. i have heard alot of comments
about keeping all original sheet metal possible. what
are your opinions on just welding on the 9 inch by
around 48 inch lower door skin. will it be hard to seal it
on the inside anyone tried this? thanks

douglas rhine of nebraska
the man with the sad dog face
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Those things are impossible to fit. And blending the seam is a nightmare. The BEST method is to bite the bullet and get some Arizona/New Mexico doors. Or perhaps using small patches on your current door.

I ended up with entire skins on my doors, however I would have saved money at the body shop if I patched my old ones or paid the price for rust free doors.

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I thought about doing that but ended up replacing the whole skin on the passenger side so I wouldn't have
to fight a seam line. Wasn't bad, just a good bit of hammer and dolly work to get it all lined up. Drivers door
only had one hole so welded in a patch, took longer than replacing the whole skin.
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