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Headed over to the auto hobbyshop today and beadblasted the waterpump pulley, A/C mounting brackets, idler pulley and driver's fresh air vent housing. Spent about an hour working on it, for a whopping $2.50!

My question is, has anyone located a replacement bearing for the A/C idler? I have a 65/66 system.
My thoughts are to pull the cover on the front, inspect and install a zerk fitting, so I can grease it.


Steve Leslie, 65 coupe in restoration. 302, toploader, A/C, disc brakes, bench seat
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An auto hobbyshop is a benefit of being in the military. They have totally stocked auto shop with lifts, paintbooths, air tools etc. There is a minimal rental fee to use the facility. But dont worry, your tax money is not going there. It is totally self supported. It is part of the MWR Moral Welfare, Recreation system to help our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines.

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I'm in Escondido - is your "auto hobbyshop" a public access place?
Never mind... another post answered this question while I stepped away from my computer. Go figure!

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